School Meals & School Uniform

    Free School Meals

    Parents/Carers claiming some benefits can also claim free school meals for any of their children who are registered at a Staffordshire school and who would normally be at school during the lunch period. 

    Healthy school meals are a good way to ensure that children eat well at lunchtime. By claiming the free school meal allowance Parents/Carers save themselves time and money. Moreover, the more eligible parents who claim the free school meals, the more funding the School receive to support the education of our students. 

    Free school meals can be claimed for children if their Parent/Carer receive any of the following:
    • Income Support
    • Income based Job Seekers Allowance
    • Income Related Only Employment and Support Allowance
    • Child Tax Credit with an annual income of less than £16,190. Anyone, receiving Working Tax Credit regardless of income will NOT qualify
    • The ’Guarantee’ element of State pension Credit
    • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

    Parents/Carers who think they may be eligible have two options.  The first is to download and complete the application form and the second is to use the new On line self-checking of free school meal entitlement.  Both options are described below.

    Option 1 : Download Application Form

    Please use the following link to download the application form which then needs to be completed and returned to the school or Free School Meals at the Local Authority by fax or post. 

    To be able to process the application Staffordshire County Council will need to see proof of which benefit is being claimed. A recent letter from the Benefits Agency, a full copy of the TC602 form received for child tax credit or the Parent / Carer’s Pension Credit M1000 Award Notice are all acceptable.

    Any queries regarding this should be made to the school or Free School Meals, Central Welfare Services/Education Offices, Tipping Street, Stafford, ST16 2DH.

    Option 2. On line Application

    The other option is the new On line self-checking of free school meal entitlement. 

    The Local Authority is has now introduced an online self-checking service.  This means that parents/carers (or whoever they agree to do this on their behalf) apply by inputting all of the same details as previously completed on the paper forms.  

    The system will then automatically check with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to see if they are entitled.  They will then be given an instant decision and any successful application forwarded to the Free School Meals Entitlement Team to set up on the system and advise the relevant school(s).  You will also have the opportunity to print a copy of the page confirming your entitlement  and so could send this to school in order to start the meals on the same day.  

    Parents/Carers need to ensure that they read all the declaration statements on the application regarding use of data etc. 

    For those applicants who are found to be not eligible, should they believe that there is an error they will still be requested to forward to the Authority the paper proof.  However, if they have a query about the benefit they are receiving they should continue to direct this enquiry to DWP or HMRC in the first instance.

    Please use the following link to access the self checking application form.

    Due to restrictions upon use of the service the Authority are unable to take applications over the telephone - they must still either be in writing via post or fax using the old form or via the new self-checking process only.  

    An instant yes or no decision can be received regarding free school meal entitlement using the online application process (Using the above link) However, a
    ny paper applications will be dealt with in the order received and a letter will be sent to confirm entitlement or refusal once the system has been updated.

    Please be aware that applications for free school meals cannot be back dated. For applications made using the self checking service the start date for the free school meals will be the date the application was successfully made and for those received by post or fax it will be the date that they are received at the Local Authority office.

    School Uniform

    We expect all students to wear the school uniform which is smart, inexpensive, practical and easy to maintain. Wearing the uniform makes students feel dressed for work, and encourages them to develop a pride in their school.

    Our school uniform features a coloured crest denoting the student’s House:


    = Chetwynd


    = Sandon


    = Tixall


    = Weston

    Please encourage your son/daughter to wear the uniform correctly.  It is especially appreciated if you check their appearance before leaving for school so that inappropriate ‘extras’ such as jewellery, heavy make-up and trainers can be removed in order to avoid a bad start to your child’s school day.

    Sixth Formers do not wear the uniform but they are expected to dress smartly.



    School Uniform Requirements




    Black polo shirt with SGB crest in house colours (short or long sleeves).


    Short sleeve tops under polo shirt must be black/white. No long sleeve tops to be worn under polo shirts.



    Black crew or ‘V’ neck with SGB crest in house colours.


    No non-school jumpers or cardigans to be worn in lesson time.


    Black hooded top with SGB crest in house colours.

    Only the black Balfour hooded top may be worn in lessons. PE hooded tops are to be worn in PE lessons only.




    Plain black skirt or trousers with SGB crest.


    Skirts should be of knee length.


    Sensible black footwear. Shoes or trainers can be worn.


    Trainers must not show any colour/logo or insignia.



    Plain black or white socks. Plain black opaque tights.


    No stripes/patterns/bright colours.


    Must be discreet.

    Extreme amounts of mascara and eye-liner must be removed.


    Nail varnish is NOT allowed. Eye shadow is NOT allowed.


    No extreme colours, cuts or





    Only ONE plain stud (gold/silver) earring per ear. A watch may

    be worn.

    Earrings must not cover the entire lobe or hang below. No necklaces or bracelets. Body/Facial piercings are not allowed. They must be removed – not covered with a plaster.




    No fashion belts. Scarves must not be worn in lesson time.



    Plain coats are recommended but not compulsory.

    Coats must not have inappropriate logos and must be hung up in classrooms during



    House Tutors/Pastoral Staff have a particular responsibility for enforcing the uniform regulations, however every colleague who comes across a student not in uniform should challenge that student. In cases of repeated breaches/significant problems, please consult the House Head.

    PE Requirements

    Outdoor Kit:


    Qtr Zip Royal Blue/White Collar Track Top

    Black Shorts

    Royal Blue Football Socks

    Football Boots (for rugby and football only)

    Shin Pads

    Outdoor Trainers

    Gum Shield (for rugby only)


    Optional Outdoor Kit:

    Black Tracksuit Bottoms with SGB crest

    School Outdoor Jacket with SGB crest

    Royal Blue Long Sleeved Base Layer


    Indoor Kit:


    Royal Blue T-Shirt

    Black Shorts

    Royal Blue Football Socks

    Indoor Trainers


    PE Rules

    All students must bring their PE kit to every lesson and get changed.

    If they are ill or injured there is still always something they can do.

    The only time we do not expect a student to get changed is if they bring a doctor's note.

    All jewellery/piercings must be removed

    School Uniform Shop

    Our range of uniform will be displayed in school each Wednesday 3.30pm-5.00pm.  Different sized samples will be available to try on and orders can be placed which will then be sent through to our supplier. 

    Should the above arrangement be inconvenient for you in terms of the times of opening, you may wish to visit our supplier, NCA Embroidery and Printing, directly. They have premises at Unit J, Boons Industrial Estate, Derrington Lane, Stafford ST18 9NQ.  Directions - A518 Stafford to Derrington (under M6 motorway bridge), turn right sign posted Derrington (follow signs auto reclaim), follow the road 500 yards Boons Industrial Estate on the right directly ahead as you drive in. 

    Their opening times are; 

    Monday & Tuesday  10.00 am – 5.30 pm  
    Wednesday CLOSED (open at school)
    Thursday & Friday 10.00 am – 5.30 pm
    Saturday   10.00 am – 1.00 pm

    During July and August late opening will be offered and details will be issued in a NCA flyer and on this website.

    Payment can be made by cash or cheque in school and chip and pin facility is available in addition if visiting our supplier.  Payment in full will be required at the time of ordering.

    Please click here to open the Order form.

    Should you have any queries about uniform, please contact Mrs Hartley (Assistant Headteacher) or Mrs A Hannant  (Office Manager) at school who will be happy to help.